• SceneManager.LoadScene("OtherSceneName", LoadSceneMode.Additive); loads a seconds scene in unity, so level and logic can be separated.

  • Microsoft Paint can actually be used as a level designer for unity.

  • Goalpilot does not manage goals, but tasks. It should actually help me stay on track.

  • Y-Combinator is named after the Y-Combinator from Lambda calculus, which enables recursion (Y-Combinator is a company that creates companies.) It is:

Y := λg.(λx.g (x x)) (λx.g (x x))


1 2 3
x Variable A character or string representing a parameter or mathematical/logical value
(λx.M) Abstraction Function definition (M is a lambda term). The variable x becomes bound in the expression.
(M N) Application Applying a function to an argument. M and N are lambda terms.
  • Booleans are defined as
TRUE := λx.λy.x
FALSE := λx.λy.y
  • If I don’t pay attention I waste a lot of time.